Settlement prediction of soil at closed dumping area using power creep function and simulated by monte Carlo simulation method

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In Malaysia total dumping sites are 73 sites, controlled dumping sites are 71 sites and sanitary landfill are 11 sites. These disposal sites will increase over time because population in Malaysia has been increased at a rate of 2.4% per annum or about 600,000 per annum since 1994. The increase in population would increase the amount of waste generated. Thus, it will increase the number of dumping sites. The dumping area which has a full capacity of waste will eventually closed. These closed dumping area which are to be developed for new development are prone to settlement. The settlement at dumping area are to be predicted and simulated using Power Creep Function and Monte Carlo simulation method. The heterogeneous content of waste soil from dumping area are complicated to characterize and classified. The content of waste dumped at the dumping area is important to analyse because the degradation process change with time. The degradation process are called power creep function. Power Creep Function (PCF) is time dependent deformation which is under constant stress. The two constant variables which are M' and N'. M' is the compressibility constant and N' is rate of compression varies with age placement condition. The input parameters for PCF are H0, Δσ, t, Tr, M' and N'. These parameters are simulated based on two cases whereby, case 1 where M' and N' are kept constant and time (t) increases from 25 days to 75 days. Tr is kept constant at 1 day. Case 2 is where M', N' and Tr are kept constant and time (t) increases from 240 days to 730 days. The total settlement prediction (ΔH) for these two cases are simulated by Monte Carlo simulation method. The settlement prediction at the dumping area for two years duration gave the highest total settlement (ΔH) as 0.13 meters.

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JournalElectronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Jan 2014


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