Prediction Of The Life Cycle Cost For Erosion And Sediment Control Measures

Lariyah Mohd Sidek, Ibrahiem Abdul Razak Al-Ani, Mohamed Nor Bin Mohamed Desa

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Commonly used Best Management Practices
(BMPs) such as geotextile and mats, silt fence and
sediment basins can be very effective in alleviating
sediment stress to the streams. However, improperly
placed, sized, or maintained BMPs can negatively impact
stream biota and habitat, creating a more severe
sedimentation/erosion problem. The effectiveness of the
BMPs system depends on the regular operation and
maintenance of the BMPs. However, the increased cost is
known as barrier to the wider implementation of the
BMPs by the developers and contractors. Therefore, the
challenge is to develop a clear life cycle cost of BMPs
which can be used in any development site. Life cycle
cost (LCC) of a BMP is a combination of the installation,
maintenance and removal costs of the various BMPs. In
this research, software called Life Cycle Cost Decision
Support System (LCC-DSS) has been developed to
predict the LCC of the various BMPs desired to be
installed within the construction site. Two scenarios have
been adopted herein, the first one is the estimation of the
LCC depend on the current prices available in the market.
Whilst the second scenario is the prediction of the LCC
based on the future prices in which the user is required to
do some data input. The LCC-DSS has been verified and
validated using real data from construction site in
Malaysia and has shown convenient results which were
confirmed by professional experts.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages3
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 08 Nov 2012

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    Mohd Sidek, L., Al-Ani, I. A. R., & Bin Mohamed Desa, M. N. (Accepted/In press). Prediction Of The Life Cycle Cost For Erosion And Sediment Control Measures.