Modelling Of Total Maximum Daily Load For An Urban Catchment

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Penchala River, one of the longest rivers in Selangor, Malaysia is under threat due to effluent disposals mainly due to commercial and industries sector near the Petaling Jaya area. As per the DOE water quality index classification, the river is not acceptable as Class II River and has since surpassed as Class IV river at some parts of the river. The outcome of effluent disposition on this river, modelling of one dimensional steady state water quality model was carried out by adapting QUAL2Kw. In order to minimize the watershed load, simulation of model involved the simulating water quality data, temperature and hydraulics data to calculate the required reduction of pollutant loads to achieve or maintain at Class II. Several BMPs were then proposed for pollutant loads reduction. Analysis of the water quality model and manual calculation of TMDL indicated that NH4, TP, TN, COD, NO3, and TSS loads should be reduced by 80%, 70%, 70%, 60%, 89%, 52% respectively.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusSubmitted - 14 Aug 2017

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