Hydrodynamic Numerical Modelling Of Dam Failure And Impacts Assessment Of Susu Dam With Mike

Lariyah Mohd Sidek, MOHD RASHID MOHD SHAH, Ruzaimei Yalit, MOHANADOSS PONRAJ, Hidayah Basri

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Dams are large barriers built across rivers and streams in order to restrain and utilize flow of water for numerous purposes like irrigation, generation of hydroelectricity and controlling the flood. Detention of water by large barriers creates lakes and reservoir. However, huge amount of water stored behind the dam can possess adverse effects to the downstream during the event of dam break. It is very much essential for executing dam break study as to provide possible flood inundation information and impact assessment to the dam. This study was conducted to carry out hydraulic and dam break analysis of Susu Dam for different failure modes. Dam break modelling was performed under two scenarios, Clear Day scenario and Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) scenario. Mike 11 1-D model was used to derive breach outflow hydrograph, whereas Mike 21 2-D model is being used for flood plain modelling and generation of inundations maps downstream of the dam. The routing of flow to the downstream area using Mike Flood model was to obtain the flooded area, flood travel time and maximum flood depth. It was found from the Clear Day scenario, dam breach outflow hydrograph yielded the peak value of 45 213 m3/s and 61 110.8 m3/s for PMF Failure scenario which showed both has the potential to flood the downstream area of dam. The will result in identifying the affected location or villages located at the downstream of Susu Dam. Indirectly, it will become as a reference for the agencies like Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPAM) to take safe precautions during the happening of unwilling disaster.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
Publication statusSubmitted - 14 Aug 2017

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